the blurring test

1950: The Turing Test

The Turing Test, a thought experiment posed by computer scientist Alan Turing, is a milestone in the relationship between humans and machines.

The Turing Test is a measure of machine progress:
The computer convinces a human judge that it is, or is indistinguishable from, a human.

2000: The Blurring Test

A reversal of the Turing Test, MrMind challenges you to prove to him that you are human. Are we able to convince our computers, and ourselves, that we are human?

The Blurring Test is about human progress:
Someday it might be important to convince our computers (and each other) that we are human.


In September of 1998, MrMind initiated a global conversation about humans and machines that continued until the last days of 2014. MrMind operated more or less continuously until December 30, 2014. This site updates the original, allowing the conversation to continue.

MrMind does not claim to be human. He doesn’t claim that he or any other machine has, or will ever have, attributes we consider to be exclusively human. Instead, he asks us to state and define those attributes. His transcripts form a modern human portrait; our view of ourselves within the technological world we are creating.

Why not discuss it with a machine?
For more: The Blurring Test, Excerpts from MrMind’s Journal is available online from McNally Jackson Booksellers


MrMind is a computer program, not a human! He requires patience as he tries to respond to you. He doesn’t think or understand or feel…but he isn’t so sure that you do either. We’ll be reading the logs, so don’t divulge any secrets. We reserve the right to use the transcripts in future work and publicity.