the blurring test


created and produced by Peggy Weil

bot scripting: Peggy Weil
visual design and site development: Todd Ingalls
site development: IAMTEEJAY
bot software and serving: of Assistentes Virtuales

creative producer: David Steuer
bot scripting: Bear, J.B. Zimmerman, Peggy Weil
visual design, animation, site development: Todd Ingalls
webmaster: Mark Brown

WebLab 1998
executive producer: Marc Weiss
supervising producer: Barry Joseph
associate producer: Laura Kertz

MrMind would not have been possible without support over the decades from humans too numerous to mention. Marc Weiss’s prescient vision for WebLab was fundamental; I am grateful for their support to convert a series of dialogues about humans and machines into a global conversation. David Steuer first brought WebLab to my attention and helped to steer the initial development. Craig Reynolds referred me to NativeMinds, a San Francisco start-up pioneering software for ‘virtual assistents’ and although they have dispersed, MrMind still operates on legacy code - presenting a series of special challenges - this wouldn’t be possible without the patience and help from many of the original producers and coders and, especially, the generosity of Assistentes Virtuales in Madrid.